The Stone Roses: All For One – critics response

The Stone Roses: All For One – critics response

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All For One single artworkIn case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, here’s the big news: The Stone Roses released a new single last night.

The single is called All For One, and it’s the first new music to come from the Manchester legends in over 20 years – so it’s quite a big deal.

Now that the dust has settled on the surprise release, there’s only one question left to ask: is All For One any good.

We’ve trawled through all of the single reviews that have been published since the song came out last night to give you a complete run-down of the critical response to All For One.

First up, you can listen to the single here:

All For One single reviews

Writing in The Guardian, Tim Jonze describes All For One as “lacking the stardust of the band’s peak” and rated it as 3/5: “In truth, this feels more like an imitation than the real thing – it has the swagger but it’s heavy handed too, toiling away like a bog-standard Britpop rocker.”

Rolling Stone were a bit more complimentary, saying: “The single is upbeat Britpop with layered, winsome vocals recalling those on Oasis’ “Champagne Supernova.” 

NME went even further with their praise: “All For One is destined to go down a beer-swigging storm when the band play their mega-gigs at the Manchester Etihad Stadium next month. This is an anthem for the terraces, the band and – most importantly – the fans.”

Jacob Stolworthy of the Independent was similarly enamoured with the tune: “Beginning with a fade in that could just as easily herald “Waterfall,” Brown and the gang lull you into a false sense of been-here-done-that before slam-dunking a rambunctious riff that’ll have lager swirling well over the tops of plastic cups this summer.”

The response hasn’t all been entirely positive though, Cultured Vultures describe All For One as ‘derivative soup of the type that has been done so many times before’, going on to say: “It’s trad stadium soup, and a sonic war crime. It has illusions of being inspiring, but it’s so non-descript that it’s impossible to impart any sense of personal meaning onto it. It just disappears in front of you.”

The Telegraph were kinder, saying: “All For One recaptures the almost insouciantly innocent blend of elements that made the band rock heroes of a rave generation.”

So, a bit of a mixed bag from the critics – but for the most part a positive response. What do you think of All For One? Let us know in the comments below…

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