Glastonbury headliners rumoured to be Muse, Coldplay and Adele

Glastonbury headliners rumoured to be Muse, Coldplay and Adele

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There’s always rumours about who’s playing Glastonbury at this time of the year, and they don’t always end up being accurate, so take this all with a pinch of salt…

The Mail on Sunday reckon they know all three of the headliners for Glastonbury 2016 – Muse, Coldplay and Adele.

Where do they claim to have found out this top secret information? That’s right, ‘industry insiders’.

They haven’t even tried to make-up any quotes from these insiders – so like I say, take it all with a pinch of salt.

If it is true, though, then convincing Adele to headline would be quite the coup for Glastonbury organisers. The singer’s dislike of performing in front of big crowds is well-known, and is the reason she has never gone on a major tour.

She did memorably perform at the Brits in 2011, and the Mail are also reporting that Adele will play at next years Brit Awards too.

So maybe there is an element of truth in the rumour?

The Coldplay and Muse rumours are a bit easier to believe, as they have both headlined Glastonbury before and are perfect choices (in terms of being popular and critically acclaimed) to round-off what would be a rare all-British takeover of the Pyramid Stage.

Who do you think should headline Glastonbury 2016? Join the discussion in the comments below…

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